Review~Tributary By Lisa T. Bergren

Tributary (River of Time, #3.2)Tributary by Lisa Tawn Bergren
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Another amazing installment in the River of Time Series. Lisa snags your attention from the first word written and doesn’t let it go. Ever! I’m seriously still thinking about what may happen next. I am not one for spoilers, so this will be kept short.

Marcello, Gabriella, Luca, Evangelina and Rodolfo’s story continues a year following the battle in Bourne. Things are quite calm until a stranger literally lands on their side of the border. This stranger, a young girl named Alessandra, soon finds herself torn between the life she once knew, enemies of Marcello and his family, and the life that is now presented to her. She is forced to look at Gabi and the She-Wolves in a different light and it confuses her very being. As if this weren’t enough, secrets abound between Gabi and Evangelia. Secrets the enemy must not uncover or they shall once again be in harm’s way.

Tributary was everything I wanted in a novella and more. Grab your copy today!

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