Cleaning up my act, um I mean closet

So being a homeschool mom, I concentrate on getting everyone else’s rooms organized and mine gets pushed to the back. In fact it got to the point that I dreaded going into my room and closet. What do you do when surprise company comes? Clean, right? Well I pick things up and put them where they go in my closer and my room. That’s what moms do.

Now I’m quite embarrassed by these before pictures, but I’m hoping by putting these out in cyber world, I will remind myself how important it is to make time to keep my personal space organized.


Sigh. This is 8 years of stuff! I didn’t even know I had most of the things that were hidden in there. And not only was my stuff in there, but also all those cute outfits of the kids that they had outgrown and I couldn’t bear to throw away. I also had old Halloween costumes and tshirts from every event imaginable. I thought I had to keep each shirt from events no matter how bad in shape they were. My life had to change.

I decided to take everything out and put it on my bed.


By evening I was left with this!


And this was just the trash!!! I had 15 bags I took to goodwill!

The grand finale!!





I’m happy to say it has been three weeks and it still looks amazing. My husband even took me inside the closet and said “wow, a hiding spot!”


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