Ain’t Nobody Got Time for this Fat

Wow. Do you know how much I cringed while typing the name of this post? {shiver}

I am petite and until I turned 35 I never had to think about what I ate or even consider exercising. This was especially good because I love my Dr Pepper, pasta, Mexican food, and sitting down to read. I despised most veggies unless they were starches. Exercising wasn’t needed and my asthma kept me from doing it. Right? WRONG!

There was the subtle clues, my clothes getting tighter, my mood changing, and then the bomb was dropped. One day, my amazing husband, just asked me point blank. “How much weight have you gained since we’ve been married?” I quickly said “about 10 lbs”. I could still fit into my wedding dress on our ten yr anniversary (2010). When we got married I weighed 86 lbs. I actually celebrated when I hit 100 lbs during my pregnancies, but after both of them I went back down to around 96 lbs. Once a month as I got older it started fluctuating and I would bloat tremendously so I would get up to about 108. Then after my cycle was over I would be back at 96. This happened for years. Then I turned 35.

Fast forward about 8 months later and we are back when my husband confronted me. He asked me how much I weighed now. I got on the scale and realized I weighed 125! What?!?! I was happy with 100-108 because I am petite and it gave me some curves and a butt. My cousin used to tease me about not having a butt. My loving husband informed me that I had gained almost half of my premarriage weight. And that wasn’t the kicker. I had gained 20 lbs in the span of around 8 months. {cue sad face}

That’s when I went back through pictures. Yep. That was not the person I used to be. I noticed I kept wearing things that were loose fitting. NOT ME! My face and arms were puffy, and let’s not even bring my thighs into the convo.

Just after this conversation an old work friend I hadn’t heard from in 15 years found me on FB. After a bit of reminiscing, she told me about her amazing weight loss journey. She is now a Beachbody Coach and shared with me a great opportunity. Now realize that I’m just sharing my experience with you. This is not an ad for BB. With my friend’s help, challenge groups, healthy eating tips, Shakeology, and finding the right exercise program, I feel like a new person. No, I am not where I want to be as of yet and right after I started this journey I gained weight again due to the fact that I stopped exercising because I had a family member in and out of the hospital out of town. It’s hard to workout in hospitals. But you know something? Our challenge group was never negative! They wanted me to make small improvements. And this is did. I started being conscientious of when and what I ate and I upped my water intake tremendously.

Then I found PiYo!




No jumping? Heck yeah! This was my kind of workout. So I did start the challenge, but life got in the way and repainting our house happened. Blah blah so now I am beginning the 60 day challenge again and this time I’m going to rock it!



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