Humble Thyself

I needed to hear this!

A Homeschool Mom

It creeps up on us sometimes, this sneaky need to have others recognize our hard work and diligent actions. Instead of being content to accomplish our goals, we want others to acknowledge our success.

Every once in a while it is important to take stock of our heart and humble ourselves. When pride takes over, it is vital that we put our lives into perspective; asking ourselves who really ought to be given the glory.

Nothing I accomplish is done of my own intelligence or incredible ability. The knowledge I do have has been acquired through learning what others had to teach; not a world-changing revelation I have discovered. If I have a certain capability, it has been taught or learned from watching others. My pride is misplaced.

It is just as important to teach this principle to our children. We are constantly encouraging our littles and telling them what a…

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