Splash fun!

What do the homeschool families do when the public schools start? Go to a splash park!!!!! One last hoorah before we all begin school next week.


Everyone was excited to get to the park and get wet. We packed lunches, we drove thirty minutes, and we just knew we would have a blast and be done before the heat of the day. Right?! Perfect planning!!!

Wrong!!! When we arrived the city was cleaning the splash park and told us it wouldn’t be open for an hour. Ugh. The workers said “we didn’t expect anyone would be here on a Wednesday morning after school started.” We laughed and explained that toddlers and homeschoolers wait until the other kids are in school so it wouldn’t be crowded. As we were walking away we overheard him say “Man, I like this classroom!” Yes Buddy, so do we, I thought.

The moms about drove themselves crazy thinking that it was going to be rough keeping the kids happy for an hour, but the kids decided to hang out at the playground. Obviously we are old and can’t handle the heat because the moms took shelter in the shade. The water supply went quickly, but after a great picnic lunch we were allowed to go into the water. Relief!!!!

Sebastian and Meagan with a few of their friends being goofy! Love our life!



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