Brightening Up Our Life

After repainting our dining room and living room we decided to get rid of the two tiered curtains in the dining room and replace them with panels. I was very excited about trying something new. We decided to go with teal to brighten the room up a bit for the middle windows with grey on the smaller windows on the side. Before I iron curtains, I like to put them up and make sure I’m going to like it. So that’s what my wonderful hubby did for me. He put the middle curtains up:


Then he put the side curtain up:


Looks great, right? Look again!


The grey ones are too long. I thought I was losing my mind and had bought the wrong size, but the package said it was the size I needed.


I hadn’t lost my mind, however I was disappointed. Now I have to drive 30 miles to return them and hope they have the right size so I don’t have to rethink my entire plan. Ughhhh

So next question is-where in the world do you find curtains for doors? I have a short window on my door and having a horrible time finding something that’ll fit. This is the old curtain I had:


Help? Where do I find something new? The only ones I can find are for floor length windows.


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