Not A Normal Widow

I absolutely adore this blog!!!! As a fellow funeral director’s wife, I couldn’t have said this or any of her other posts any better. So refreshing to read about other women in the same situation as mine. I would not change it whatsoever, but those outside of our circle don’t understand why we don’t make plans until the last minute. We homeschool because we never know if my husband is going to be busy during the weekend. We take family time when we can. I’ve even begun learning things at the funeral home so I can help out. It’s even harder when you are the owner and manager of the business. It is definitely 24/7. You always have to think about who will answer the phones. Thank the good Lord for cell phones or my husband would have missed so many baseball games or recitals.

For many years, my Grandmother attended and hosted a Widows’ Lunch in our community.  To my youthful mind, I conjured images of women dressed in black with wide-brimmed hats and solemn netting over their faces, eating tea sandwiches and sobbing.  But that wasn’t nearly what it was.

You see, my grandfather passed away more than 30 years ago in 1982. Despite the modern time in which we lived in the 80’s, there were a lot of women widowed in my Grandmother’s social circle who needed support when their husbands passed away…and I’m not just talking grief counseling.

There were a lot of women who didn’t know how to pay a bill. They didn’t know how to order food at a restaurant. Many didn’t know how to drive! My Grandmother, who had always been independent, was a mentor among her peers.  During these lunches, they would teach each other things, discover…

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