Teach the Children

Well said. We have deadlines but if the kids aren’t enjoying learning, we take a break and do something educational out of the books.

A Homeschool Mom

Kids PicWhy wasn’t she moving faster? Didn’t she understand that I wanted her to get through the material in the next half hour? I really wanted to get through this part of our day so we could move on to other things. It really shouldn’t have taken this long. (I was thinking.) Then, the Lord hit me full on… was I teaching the curriculum or was I teaching my children? Oops; guilty as charged!

I think, sometimes, we homeschool parents can get caught up in the wonderful resources we have available to us. We ooh and aah over new-found books, get excited about special projects, and store up on awesome resources. In all our enthusiasm, I wonder if we have completely forgotten why we do what we do.

Are we getting caught up in buying resources which seem wonderful and pushing our children through the motions without bothering to ask ourselves if…

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