The Biggest Challenge

A Homeschool Mom

The Biggest Challenge I should note, my ‘Mouse’ is not that big a challenge. In fact, she was very kind to help with this pic!

Homeschooling can be a challenge. There are routines to be established, decisions regarding curriculum (or non-curriculum) to be made, discovering how to best help your children learn, and more. The one challenge you don’t need is your children’s lack of obedience.

As any parent will tell you, when a child chooses to be disobedient, life becomes stressful and downright unpleasant. Now, try taking that disobedient child and making them sit through a learning session; on any topic! It’s enough to make one shudder in fear or erupt like an active volcano. Life with a disobedient child is a struggle.

While my OCD nature balks at the idea of stopping all learning to deal with this issue, it usually is the best. When the obstacle of disobedience is removed, our…

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