Reading VS. Watching, A Commentary

Well said!

Outlander Musings

Before I say anything, let me tell you now…I’m not going to warn about spoilers. I know Jen is for her reviews out of respect for our overseas fans, but I am not doing a review but there are things I’m writing about today that may be new or different regarding the series compared to the novel.

My philosophy on this is similar to my thoughts on Downton Abbey and when I, as an American watch it…I know the show is made for a British audience and will be aired here in January…if I go to sites or blogs or tweeters of Downton Abbey before it airs her, I know I will be getting spoilers. The same can be said of Outlander…it is being created for an American audience first, so you read my posts at your own risk as I would for Downton Abbey. Jen had the same issues…

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