Common Core Lacks Common Sense

Today I saw something on Facebook that really irritated me. A school bragging about their Homework U (read university). Here’s what I saw:



Call me crazy, but since when did parents need to go to school in order to help kids with homework? Are they saying what we learned wasn’t good enough? I have an Associates in Business Administration, Bachelors of Science in Economics, Masters of Business Administration, and a Masters of Management. I paid dearly for these degrees and you’re telling me I need to learn some new way in order to help my kids with their math homework? Sorry, but I call BS.

Check this out and tell me how you feel!




What? Is there some reason that our way is wrong? How can something so simple be made into something so complex? So glad I chose to homeschool my kids. The real problem here is that the world now believes kids aren’t smart enough to carry or borrow. How does this make it any easier? Teaching our children to make something more complex than it is? And we wonder why our world is like it is today.




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