My First Painting~And It Did Not Suck!

My mom took me to Painting With a Twist tonight. There were four in our group which also included my cousin and one of our friends. As soon as we got there Mom and her friend told us to go inside ahead of them. Little did we know what they were planning. They proceeded to come in the door with glow in the dark fangs, Halloween fingers with long nails, and tattoo sleeves. And this was before the wine! What was even funnier was the fact that there was another group of three there that we didn’t even know. Yep we are all Mad!!

IMG_6045.JPG My mom sporting her “tat”

The instructor was an absolute hoot! Her strategy was to paint and if you didn’t like what you did, then put the brush in water and take another sip. 🍷

Mom and I totally went in thinking we would probably be hiding our paintings once we were through. We were going for the experience. After all, we can’t draw a straight line with a ruler!

After what seemed like only a few minutes (in actuality it was 2 hours) we were done and actually proud of our accomplishments.









And because the night wouldn’t be complete without us being goofy, here’s a pic of my Mom (diagonal from me) and her friend with their fangs in.



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