How to be a kickstand…without becoming a doormat

She says the most needed things I need to hear. I am definitely going to take this into account. I do feel like a door mat at times and it’s only because I allow it to happen. No one wants me to feel that way. They only want me to support them. Great article!


Last week, I admitted that I am a human kickstand.

I confessed to being a piece of machinery that offers support and balance for my director when he is under great pressure, absorbing a lot of grief and working hard.

I encouraged all of us – as people who share life with a funeral director – to be kickstands in order to help our loved one provide the service and support his families expect.

However, I demanded that you NOT become a doormat. Did you hear me – DO NOT BECOME A DOORMAT!

So, now that we’ve established our important role as human kickstands, I felt it was important to talk about how to be a kickstand…without becoming a doormat.

The best way I have operated as a kickstand is by being present and positive. I’m not suggesting that you sugar-coat your life, but I do recommend that you intentionally…

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