The Three R’s – Revisted

Amazing article about what families should focus on when it comes to educating at home.

A Homeschool Mom

Within the world of homeschooling, there are many different ways to approach your children’s learning. Should we go with a classical method or perhaps a more unschooled approach? Do we use only textbooks or do we use unit studies? There are so many decisions to be made and so many areas to choose from, it can sometimes be overwhelming and daunting to even think about it.

When we first began to homeschool, I made sure that I had a long talk with my husband about what he expected to see in our children’s education. I knew that if we were together on what they were learning and if the Lord was at the center of it all, I couldn’t go wrong. I would have the peace of knowing that the two most important men in my life were behind me 100%.

When we talked about what we wanted from our…

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