Some things change for the better…let me inspire you!

So things have been pretty hectic in our lives lately, but I can’t help but think it could be so much worse. My immediate family is healthy and happy. That thinking is what has gotten me through the first month and a half of 2015. That and my family, my friends, and my online groups. This post is dedicated to my fellow coaches and I hope it inspires others to follow in my footsteps.


In March of 2014 I was introduced to Beachbody. Out of respect for a friend I had recently reconnected with, I bought a challenge pack with the intention of maybe working out a few times a month. I’ve never been one to workout with any consistency. What I really wanted was to just have something in common to talk about and a reason to talk to this friend again.

Well, the package arrived and I was overwhelmed. There was a meal plan, shakes, and a workout that looked like it would kick my rear. I thought I had made a huge mistake, but I wasn’t about to tell my friend. I mean, I’ve bought many workouts in the past and haven’t done them. Why should this be any different?


Just as I was about to throw in the towel (even before I started the actual workout) I got a message from my “coach”. She explained that she was adding me to a 60 day challenge group on FB and that she would hold my hand every step of the way. “Yeah, well you don’t know what you’re in for,” I wanted to say. This was so not for me!

She began sending me private messages daily. One of the keys in making this system work for you is to be interactive in the group. I was so nervous. These people were coaches. They knew how to eat and workout religiously. Surely they didn’t have room in their little group for me. I was totally going to fail this.

Negative mentality, folks. Yep, that’s me. The first thing I noticed was that people were posting what they had eaten, what workout they completed, and how much water they drank each day. I hate LOATHE water! Now Dr Pepper? I could drink anyone under the table with that! I noticed that everyone was drinking their Shakeology daily. Ugh. Shakes? I’ve never liked protein shakes. I mixed mine with milk and ice and forced it down.


I did this for a couple of weeks and while I was having fun talking to people, I just wasn’t getting into the shakes or water. I decided to cancel my Shakes. Thankfully my coach contacted me that day and asked how I was liking them. I told her the truth and she gave me some recipes to try. Talked me into calling back and reinstating them and giving her 30 more days to find the right combo for me. If I had been paying close attention to everyone’s meal logs I would’ve seen that each coach was posting what type of shake recipe they used that day. The first recipe I tried was the chunky monkey. It had peanut butter, banana, milk, and ice in it. Oh my word!!!!! It was incredible! Ok so Shakeo was all that and a bag of chips (well, maybe not chips, more like veggies and fruit).


I began posting my own food log. I was having a shake, lunch, and dinner. Plus I was working out and feeling well. The first thing another coach commented was that I needed to eat more food. I was appalled! More food? I want to lose weight. Why more food? And why is another coach commenting? She can’t possibly care about me! I soon learned that ideally we should be eating 3 meals and 2 snacks a day. Whoa! No wonder I was always starving! More food? I could do this!

I spent several days really concentrating on this and got such positive feedback. After I got the hang of eating more they then suggested changes to my nutrition and what I was eating. What I began to realize is that I was making small, sustainable changes and I had an entire group behind me. They were cheering me on and being patient. They knew they had to take it slow with me. And I was making progress. PROGRESS, NOT PERFECTION!

Just before my first 30 days were over I received a call from my friend/coach. I had really made huge strides in such a small time and she mentioned I should become a coach. I literally laughed out loud. Then she said something that really stuck. I had begun commenting on other people’s posts and motivating them! That’s what a coach does. They aren’t perfect! So I said “Sign me up!”


Since then it’s been amazing! My husband is using the shakes and feels much better. I have a friend going through chemo who is using them and attributes her hair growth to the shakes and she herself has become a coach recently. I’ve lost weight and it hasn’t been difficult.


I’ve met so many incredible people. People I talk to daily! People I will finally get to meet in July at Summit! It’s been fun! It’s been an adventure! It’s been life changing! And I don’t want it to end!





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