Feeling Bad…About Feeling Good

This blog is a breath of fresh air. Being the wife of a funeral director and now owner of our funeral home since my father in law’s recent passing, I find it calming to read these experiences. Our life is good. Busy, but good. Have we had our ups and downs? Yes! Are we still grieving, most definitely. But that shouldn’t stop is for saying we are doing well. We’ve taken a 2 day vacation because we needed a break. We shouldn’t feel bad about that. This particular post really spoke to me today.

IMG_20150805_195946203_HDRI’ve been MIA from this blog for a bit. I just haven’t felt the raging desire to write anything relevant lately.

Wait. That’s not true.

I haven’t been comfortable sharing much lately because…well, frankly, everything has been pretty good.

As I started to analyze this phenomenon, I realized that I wasn’t writing blog posts because I was feeling bad…about feeling good.

All is well in my life with a funeral director. We just got back from our annual family vacation and it was great! We’re having a wonderful summer. The funeral home has been very busy. My job has been predictable and well-paced for the summer and I’ve been able to manage everything with a leisurely hustle. Life is good.

But I hesitated to share these things because I know I’m an anomaly in our world and that a lot of you are struggling with these same things right now…

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